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The January Mega Auction is now live for bidding!
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An auction you can trust


This past Sunday concertposterauction.com began their 2009 Summer Concert Poster and Memorabilia sale. Concertposterauction.com is the life work of poster dealer Brad Kelly. Brad began his auctions in January of 2006 and is currently hosting his thirteenth sale. Brad has over 16 years of experience and operates one of the finest auctions today. Brad was a longtime trusted employee of Jay Kastor's legendary Psychedelic Solution in New York's historic Greenwich Village.

Brad runs one of the most diverse and eclectic auctions in the world today. Everything from high end one of a kind original art, to obscure psychedelic fliers grace his offerings.

Concertposterauction.com provides an exceptional value to all levels of collector. There are always a few items in gem condition to bid on. Brad is highly knowledgeable, and efficient and has always been responsive to condition requests. He is an honest and ethical dealers and stands firmly behind his product. We at the Psychedelic Art Exchange encourage you to bid with confidence. http://www.concertposterauction.com/

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