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PAE's Biggest Challenge


Being a dealer in Classic 1960's Psychedelic Concert Posters is a rewarding and fun endeavor on many levels. 

We get to meet lots of interesting people that were around "back in the day", we get to discuss and work with material that is directly connected to musical artists we're intensely passionate about and the posters practically sell themselves once someone fully understands how beautiful, rare and historically important this artwork is. Our biggest frustration is that there is no way to fully show a "newbie" how awesome these pieces are without getting the actual artwork in their hands! Small images posted on a website do not even come close to the experience of holding this history in your hands.

In person, this artwork literally comes to life and takes your breath away. The posters are look, feel and smell old. Ask any collector, and they will tell you this is so! That's why once someone finally decide to "test the water" and acquire their first piece, they end up catching "the bug" and building a collection.

So here's two pieces of advice we give to every visitor of PAE.

1) If you think you are interested in these posters and are curious about them, remember that you take ZERO RISK when dealing with PAE. Every item we sell is backed by the strongest guarantees in the business and we're not happy unless you are completely thrilled. Get this amazing artwork in your hands and decide for yourself. We don't think you'll be disappointed!

2) When viewing items in our store and auctions, be sure to click on each picture for a more accurate, enlarged, detailed view. While not perfect, and not close to the grandeur of the originals, these very large, full screen shots will give you a FAR better idea of the eye appeal and impact this artwork provides.


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