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The Modern Dylan Collection - feat. artist Geoff Gans


The Dylan/Gans Collection here is a treasure of both the modern world and the classic iconography of Bob Dylan. Spanning from 1999 - 2012 across hundred of venues, the posters here are all originals of standard (~14" x 22") size. While none of these posters have been signed, they've never known the comfort of being displayed, and therefore all on in mint or near mint condition.

While Bob Dylan needs little to no introduction, the poster artist featured here for him--Geoff Gans--is a prolific and multi-talented producer that's worked alongside Dylan for nearly 30 years. 


As described on his company's website;

"Rare Cool Stuff Founder, Curator, Art Director/Designer and Producer Geoff Gans is a five-time Grammy nominee who has created high-end boxed sets, album and book packages for creatively driven clients such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, John Fogerty, Sony Music, Concord Music Group, and the Morrison Hotel Gallery, among many others during his 30-year career.
Also a Grammy-nominated producer (“The Monterey International Pop Festival” boxed set, 1992; he also designed the 12″x12″ package and accompanying booklet), Gans has designed nearly all of Dylan’s album and book packaging, archival reissues and tour graphics since 1995.
Gans’ most recent Dylan project was designing the package for “The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Complete Basement Tapes” boxed set, released by Columbia Records in November 2014.
Rare Cool Stuff’s Gary Gonzales and associates at Dorado Packaging in North Hollywood printed the set’s companion book, “LO & Behold,” designed by Gans as well. The book is Rare Cool Stuff’s ninth and largest printed publication to date."
All posters will be shipped flat in our Eco Stayflat mailers unless otherwise requested.