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Pow Wow, A Gathering of The Tribes for a Human Be-in, Golden Gate Park *Mint 95*

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Pow Wow, A Gathering of The Tribes for a Human Be-in, Golden Gate Park *Mint 95*


The Human Be-in was perhaps “the” culminating event of the San Francisco Psychedelic scene in the late 1960’s. As such this could arguably  be considered  to be the most historically important poster ever issued.

This happening included all of the major figures of the day. The Human Be-In was originally conceived as an opportunity for the San Francisco Bohemians and Berkeley radicals to join forces in celebration of their respective counter-culture ideals. The stage was taken by all the major San Francisco bands of the day, as well as Psychedelic advocates, political radicals, Beat writers and spiritualists.  Key figures of the era like Tim Leary,  Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), Allan Ginsburg and Jerry Rubin spoke to the gathering of 30,000. The Be-in was a true manifestation of the ideals of the Haight and probably the last authentic gathering before the innocence of the culture would be diluted and commercialized.

Several posters, flyers and handbills were designed for the  Human Be-In. This particular version was created by the legendary Rick Griffin, who is greatly recognized to be the finest poster artist of all time. This incredible piece of art is more than just a concert poster, it is a true piece of Americana!

  • Poster - Pow Wow, The Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-in
  • Grade – PAE Mint 95
  • Bands/Bill – Everyone
  • Venue – Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park
  • City – San Francisco, California
  • Date – 1/14/67
  • Dimensions – 14 1/16” x 22 7/16 “
  • Printing - (OP-1)
  • Artist – Rick Griffin
  • Series/ Promoter – Hells Angels
  • A.O.R # - 2.247
  • Condition details- There is light waviness in the upper left and a handling mark on the bottom edge.There are no nicks, tears, pinholes or restoration of any kind.



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