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San Francisco Mime Troupe, Fillmore Auditorium (Appeal III Handbill) *Mint 97*

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San Francisco Mime Troupe, Fillmore Auditorium (Appeal III Handbill) *Mint 97*


Here is an amazing historical artifact from the very earliest days of the San Francisco scene, January 1966! Indeed, it is a true privilege to merely have the opportunity to view this piece, much less own it.

This amazing Museum piece is of major historical importance on so many levels.  First, this is the VERY FIRST time that the band “Grateful Dead” appeared in print. Second, it is one of the very earliest events promoted by Bill Graham, the most influential and famous rock and roll concert promoter of all time.

Graham got his start in San Francisco as manager of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Members of the Troupe got arrested on obscenity charges in 1965. Graham raised money for their defense by organizing a series of three Benefit concerts. This is a Museum Quality, Mint Condition example of a handbill for the third and final Mime Troupe Appeal. It is a miracle that this handbill exists at all. The fact that this is preserved in pristine, undamaged condition simply takes our breath away.

The success of these early Mime Troupe benefits were what encouraged Graham to pursue a full time career as a promoter. Just a week later, Graham would help promote the legendary Trips Festival at Longshoreman’s Hall. Just 2 weeks after the Trips Festival, Graham held his very first show at the Fillmore Auditorium!!

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to own this magnificent piece of history. This museum collectible defines “priceless” as it is highly uncertain if, when and at how much this opportunity would ever repeat itself again!

  • Poster - San Francisco Mime Troupe Appeal III Handbill
  • Grade- PAE Mint 97
  • Bands/Bill –Grateful Dead (Formerly The Warlocks), The Great Society, The Gentlemen’s Band,
  • Venue – Fillmore Auditorium
  • City – San Francisco, California
  • Date – 12/10/65
  • Dimensions – 6 1/4  ” x 9 7/16”
  • Printing - (OP-1)
  • Series/ Promoter - Bill Graham
  • A.O.R # -  2.38
  • Condition details- This  thin paper handbill is pristine shape .


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